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With winter our skin tends to go dry and flaky. The worst affected areas for me are my lips. The lips dry and chap so much that in just a few minutes it will crack and start burning around the lip.
there are few things I cannot leave my home without even on a usual day. These products definately will be available with me while I am travelling.
Hey guys!!!! This will be my first time dong a review on skincare products as I generally use medically prescribed skincare products as I have very sensitive skin. I get allergies and infections quite easily. So for using all different makeup products I prep my skin with all my prescribed...
Dry skin!! Winters make it the worse with flaked or super dried cheeks ? That is so me in winters. On one side I am a winter person on the other side I get so annoyed with it due to the harshness in the winds. Topping all this, my...

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