Every Indian woman is gearing up for the festive season. I love wearing bright colors for the festivities. Read on to know what I wore for Rakhi this year. Ethnic Dressing for Festive Season #kapilawrites
Through Discipline comes Freedom Contradictory?? Isn't Discipline is restricting ourselves? Then how will it help in getting freedom.  Through Discipline comes Freedom  Let me give you few examples from my life Freedom from Thyroid Have you read my weight loss journey post ? That has been one of the most remarkable achievements...
Ever thought what is Rakshabandan for Sisters??? Rakhshabandan is around the corner. We all know what Rakhshabandan is.. It is the festival for brother and sisters where the sisters tie rakhi on brother's hand. Brothers give their sister assurance that they would protect her from any kind of troubles,...
Every Indian made a contribution towards the freedom of India. Some daring Female Freedom Fighters like Kittur Rani Chennamma, Jhansi Ki Rani. Read more.. #everylittlethinghappiness #Guestpost
I can never forget that night of my life. It was December 2017 midnight, probably the coldest midnight of Noida that year.  Baby T was too cranky that night. Read further to know What Helped My Baby Cope with Cold and Crankiness I was breastfeeding her and she was leaving...

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