The guilt of dropping your child to the daycare when all they wanted is to be at home with you. The guilt of missing your child’s important events and milestones because you were at work. The Guilt of not living up to the preconceived notions of what motherhood is all about. How to deal with The Working Mom Guilt
Brain Dumping Batching Method
The mind is everywhere. Instead of overthinking and losing sleep over what all needs to be done, try the Brain Dumping and Batching method.
Girl Holding Crayon and Colorin
I thought I would share some creative activities for toddlers you can do with your baby inside the house during the lockdown.
Check out the CHICCO BABY MOMENTS - REVIEW in the post
When a couple is expecting their first child, everyone in their family, extended family and their friends want to help them celebrate. The best way to do that is with a baby shower. And today, baby showers aren't just for the women in the family. There are...

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