Most useful Tips for Traveling in Pregnancy


Being pregnant is the best time of a woman’s life. The feeling of nurturing a new life within you is the most wonderful feeling I have ever felt in life. Pregnancy does not mean you stop traveling. Let me share some tips for  Traveling in Pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a time the would-be mother wants to relax and have peace of mind. So that her body can work well on the small baby inside her.

The first trimester is usually very tiring with nausea, morning sickness, tiredness and all sorts of depressing pregnancy symptoms cropping up. We so wish this part of pregnancy gets over as soon as it can.

Most Useful Tips for Traveling in Pregnancy

Tips for Traveling in Pregnancy

By the second trimester, when you are through with all the tiring symptoms, you are all pepped up to spend some quality time with your family.

However, deciding on a destination can be quite a tricky task. Here I am sharing how I decided on my vacation when I was pregnant. Hope my experience helps you guys.

How did I decide where to go for my holidays during pregnancy?

For me, the comfort was the most important thing. I did not want the vacation to turn out to be a nightmare due to travel. Hence we prefer a holiday destination which is easy to reach.

Mode of transport

I did extensive research before deciding on this. Pointers I had in mind

1. How good are the roads

If I am considering to travel by road, this is the first thing I would want to confirm. I don’t want to have an uncomfortable ride and any sort of back pains.

2. Is the train to the destination direct or do we have to break journey

If the trains is not direct then what is the next mode of transport. Specifically for hill stations the curvy roads can cause discomfort during pregnancy.

3. How far is the main city from the airport

Flight journeys are fast and lot more comfortable. But the airport’s are usually very far from the city which adds on to your total travel time.

Also traveling by flight involves restrictions. If you are flying after you’re 27 weeks pregnant you’ll need a letter from your doctor that states your due date.

4. Travel cost

Most useful Tips for Traveling in Pregnancy
Most useful Tips for Traveling in Pregnancy

One of the major reasons for a lot of couples to choose a resort on the outskirts of the city is Travel cost. Instead of spending thousands on traveling why not have a relaxed weekend in a resort with plush greens and lots of open-air freshness

5. Comfort while traveling

Whatever is your mode of transport, make sure you take a break from one position. For eg : – in flight, you can walk after some time. Similarly in the train as well, take a break and walk in the train compartment. Traveling by road by your own or hired car, I feel , thus is the most comfortable. You can take breaks as per your comfort. Stretch when needed.

Most useful Tips for Traveling in Pregnancy

Tips for Traveling in Pregnancy

1. This is not the last vacation you are having: so take it east. Do not wear your tourist cap if your health doesn’t permit. Remember you are on vacation to relax and not to exert yourself.

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2. Keep yourself hydrated: drink a lot of fluid to keep your energy levels up.

3. Keep healthy snacks handy: Whenever you are hungry, if you have a fruit/some nuts handy you would not binge on to the junk food. This will help you regulate a healthy weight gain. It will also prevent you from having outside food from unhygienic places.

4. Keep copy of your medical records : You can use them if there is a need of reference.

Most useful Tips for Traveling in Pregnancy

5. Keep your pre-natal medicines/suppliments stocked.

Hope this helps you plan your vacation better in the most beautiful phase of your life.

Happy baby-moon my darlings!!




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